Different styles of tableware you need in your home

How many dinnerware styles are there? How do you recognize the different styles? Below is a selection of the most common and popular styles today.

Scandinavian style
Scandinavian dinnerware exudes tranquility thanks to its earthy colors, natural elements and neutral design. Wood and white are combined with light tones. Scandinavian dinnerware fits well in an interior with Scandinavian style, but also fits very well in a modern interior.

Classic style
Characteristics of a classic style are the round shapes and lots of decoration. You recognize the classic style by, among other things, gold accents and decorative prints. The classic tableware is beautiful in a formal, classic and vintage interior.

Romantic style
Romantic dinnerware likes to be decorated with prints. You will recognize a romantic dinnerware set by such things as different prints with flowers, butterflies and birds. The products feature light colors, mostly pastel shades and very suitable for a high-tea.

Modern style
Modern dinnerware has clean shapes, is minimalistic, often in solid colors and has no or a subtle print. Modern tableware often has a luxurious character but can also be used for everyday purposes. The plates, cups and bowls look good in a modern industrial interior.

Country style
Earthy colors and prints of nature: flowers, plants, fruits and animals are the characteristics of a rural dinnerware. It is dinnerware that you can use every day, or take out of the closet during a summer garden party. The country dinnerware fits well in an interior with the same style.

Everyday dinnerware consisting of solid material is casual dinnerware. This is often white and has no or subtle decoration. This way you do not get bored with the tableware and it is not too busy on the table when you discuss the day with the whole family. Casual tableware fits into any interior. The quiet colors and shapes allow you to dress up the table with beautiful accessories.

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