Obvara bowl 14 cm (370cc)


Add a silky touch to your kitchen and life with our unique collections. Rinart porcelain strive to make the tradition of the past more durable with the modern designs of the future. To achieve this goal, only the best materials from the hands of skilled artisans come to life and touch the lives of ordinary people who share stories around the table.


Microwave safe: Thanks to our durable raw materials and extensive R&D efforts, our products can be safely used in a microwave.

Dishwasher safe: All products made by Rinart are dishwasher safe. You never have to worry about putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

- Thermal shock resistant: Our products are durable against sudden temperature changes and under extreme temperature conditions in the kitchen with hard glaze surface and premium raw materials.

Glaze damage resistant: Scratches are a common problem when it comes to porcelain tableware. Rinart offers high durability against scratches. 

Edge chip waranty: The entire Rinart product range are equipped with high chip resistance. This protects them against impact. 

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