What are the best brands for tableware?

There are a lot of brands for tableware. That makes is hard to make a decision. Bonna makes the difference in tableware and this makes Bonna outstanding.

Bonna, the Horeca brand of Kar Porselen (established in 1983), was founded in 2014 to provide innovative products and solutions for hospitality industry. With the technological infrastructure to provide personalized solutions for different needs, ethical partnership model and notion in ‘growing together’ Bonna aims to inspire tomorrow’s taste.

With an over 30 years experience Bonna designs and produces products for everyone. The aim of Bonna is to craft beautiful table appearances for busy dining enviroments but also for non-professional use. A lot of hotels and restaurants are happy to use the Bonna tableware because of the quality of the tableware.

With the outstanding quality, innovation and different type of tableware is Bonna one of the best brands for tableware.

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