What is the best material to use for tableware?

Porcelain is a specific form of ceramic, composed of kaolin (an unruly, white clay), quartz and a feldspar, and fired at a high temperature. This makes porcelain hard, translucent, non-porous and sounds clear.

In addition, tableware made of porcelain is usually a lot lighter than ceramic (or pottery). Despite the fact that porcelain is lighter, the hardness of the material ensures a high degree of sturdiness. This is partly because porcelain is manufactured at a high kiln temperature (1300°C - 1500°C).

Porcelain is odorless and tasteless and hardly discolors. It is mainly used to produce plates, bowls, cups and other tableware that serve in the serving and consumption of food and drink. Oven-resistant porcelain is primarily used for preparing food in an oven, and can tolerate temperatures of up to 250°C to 300°C.

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